Federer’s Media Resurgence

Roger Federer has returned to the media spotlight with the release of his Amazon Prime documentary, “Federer, The Last Twelve Days,” debuting on June 20. The documentary offers an intimate look at his final days as a professional tennis player. In an interview with El País, Federer shares his experiences and thoughts, including his concerns about Rafael Nadal potentially retiring before him.

The Final Moments

In just a few days, fans will witness the last moments of Roger Federer’s tennis career, from his retirement announcement to his farewell at the 2022 Laver Cup in London, where he played doubles with his greatest rival and close friend, Rafael Nadal. “It’s an incredible feeling, like attending your own life’s funeral. It’s very strange, to be honest. You’re fully alert, experiencing everything in slow-motion. It’s like an operation: you only know how it feels once you’ve gone through it. I never imagined the end would be so full of emotions,” Federer tells El País.

Unexpected Farewell

Federer also mentions that his farewell wasn’t planned to be so public, nor was the documentary initially intended for release. “I thought there might be a moment with a microphone, being the center of attention. That’s what I envisioned, but it turned out to be much more. That’s why I convinced myself, my team, and everyone around me that it might be worth showing this material. It was so special, unique, painful, and yet so good, that fans might be interested,” Federer explains.

Iconic Moment with Nadal

Reflecting on the iconic moment with Nadal, where both were seen crying and holding hands, Federer says, “I have it framed at home in a space dedicated to my career moments. I don’t want photos everywhere, so I keep them in a specific area. When I pass by it, it always catches my eye because it reflects our camaraderie, friendship, and rivalry, all in one image. It’s a moment where we both reflect on what we just experienced, remembering our careers and how fortunate we’ve been to turn our passion into a dream profession.”

Concerns About Nadal’s Retirement

Federer admits he was worried that Nadal might retire before him and had specific thoughts about where that might happen. “I was concerned that Nadal might retire before me. There were signs that Rafa wasn’t well and might not last as long as he has. I didn’t think I could play beyond 37 or 38, and the same for him, but then you find a place where you start to feel better. But yes, I was concerned that Rafa might leave. In fact, I thought he might do it after beating Medvedev in the 2022 Australian Open final. I thought he could retire there or at Roland Garros. I would have been incredibly happy for him, but it would have been a shock for me.”

The Big 4 Bond

Federer also discusses his relationship with the rest of the Big 4 and the unique bond they share. “What truly connects us all, including Andy, is the fact that we’ve become fathers. Beyond all the matches and rivalries, we have so much in common and much to talk about in that regard. Novak has two children, Andy has four, and Rafa was about to have his first. It was beautiful to experience all that as a family,” Federer concludes, anticipating that his documentary will make tennis fans relive his emotional farewell.

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