Tennis is an extremely fast game, and players need to move quickly to win matches. The ability to run around the court quickly, change direction, and accelerate are vital components of tennis success. There are many reasons why tennis players need speed training in their workout routines, along with agility training and endurance training. Here are some of the best speed training tips for tennis players available today that you can put into action right away to stay healthy and fit as you improve your footwork.

1.      Warm Up with Speed Training Exercises

Start every speed training exercise with a good warm-up to improve performance and reduce injury risk. For instance, you can try five minutes of jump rope work or jog on a treadmill. Tennis players should pay special attention to core strength, which is very important in tennis, as it helps stabilize movement during swings and gives a player more explosive power.

You can try planks, crunches, sit-ups, and regular weightlifting routines to strengthen your core muscles. Just five minutes of warming up before training will help your muscles be prepared when it’s time to start playing faster.

2.      Try Sprints with Your Dog

You don’t need a field to practice some quick sprints. Run through your neighborhood and challenge yourself to see how long you can run at top speed. If you prefer training with your dog, race them in bursts of speed around trees, lampposts, or at the beach. Dogs can be a great companion for exercise, especially fast sprints.

There are many dog exercise ideas; you only need to find out how to integrate your pup into your workout plan to build outstanding speed. Always ensure you and your pup rest about five minutes after every three sets and repeat the sprints at least five times, adding distance each time.

3.      Avoid Training in Straight Lines

Most tennis players tend to run in straight lines when they train, even if that means around a tennis court. However, to move with optimum efficiency on the court, you should learn how to proceed in curved lines, backward, and sideways, as your tennis opponents will do. By doing so, you’ll gain an advantage by being able to cut corners on the court and getting there faster than your opponent.

Since you’re playing a game of angles and you don’t want to be off-balance at impact, it’s important to work on side-to-side speed. Vary your drill locations, train on a slanted field, and make yourself move laterally as you chase down balls. The better prepared you are to play on different types of courts, angles, and surfaces, the better player you’ll be.

4.      Work on Your Footwork and Hand-Eye Coordination

Fast hand-eye coordination and fast footwork are two tennis skills that go hand in hand. If you want to be faster on the court and beat your opponents, you need to develop quick footwork and perfect hand-eye coordination. Since you need to be able to hit every ball, being quick off your feet will make it easier to get there. Start with these footwork drills and progress as needed, depending on your skill level. They’ll help improve your quickness and overall movement around the court.


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