How Motherhood Has Positively Influenced Osaka’s Tennis

Osaka’s New Perspective After Becoming a Mother

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka reveals that her life has completely changed since becoming a mother, highlighting patience and managing frustration as key aspects in her return to tennis. With the arrival of Roland Garros, Osaka is preparing to compete in her second Grand Slam since returning to the circuit after 15 months of absence. The former world No. 1 returns with a renewed vision, competing not only for herself but also for her daughter Shai, who will accompany her in Paris.

A Change in Life and Perspective

During her time away, Osaka had the opportunity to reflect and appreciate aspects of life beyond sports. “Being a mother has forced me to see life differently. I have much more gratitude for tennis and also recognize the many opportunities outside of this sport. I realized that I still love playing tennis,” she shared in an interview with The Guardian.

A Different Attitude On and Off the Court

Motherhood’s impact on Osaka extends beyond the tennis court. She has changed how she interacts with others, including her fellow players on the circuit. Previously, she lived in her own world, but now she shows a genuine interest in her surroundings. “I’m doing my best to make friends. When walking around the city, I love observing people. Before, I lived in a bubble and didn’t notice what was happening around me,” she confessed.

Ambitious Goals Driven by a Dreamer’s Attitude

Osaka continues to maintain her dreamer’s attitude, which allows her to pursue great goals. “I’ve always had this delirious trait that makes me daydream and create scenarios that I want to come true, and sometimes they do,” she explained. This trait has motivated her to chase ambitious goals that she might otherwise have abandoned.

Patience and Managing Frustration as New Skills

Patience has become a crucial virtue for Osaka, especially after observing other mothers on the circuit. “I’m someone who wants things to happen quickly, but I understand that tennis takes time, and these are the best players in the world. I really appreciate the moment I’m in now,” she stated.

Moreover, Osaka has learned to manage frustration more positively, especially when the results are not as expected. “Before, I would have isolated myself in a dark hole. Now I try to communicate openly about how I feel. I measure my success through victories, but I’m learning to be more patient and hope that the results will come over time,” she concluded.

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