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The Folks Solving The Problems You Need Solved

Problem: I think one of the problems or issues we see the most are kids who don’t have much social skills or have been exposed to a group environment.

Solution: One of the pros in this sport is that we work a lot in building their confidence and helping them adapt to new environments in where they can evolve themselves not just as tennis players but bring out their best version of themselves. In regards with cons I think that the most difficult part has been getting them out of their comfort zone. However, we build their trust first so they can open up to be themselves.

“Being able to participate in these kind of projects is such a pleasure. There are a lot of topics that are not spotted as they should be, therefore, this gives us an opportunity to speak up for matters that need to be discussed and payed attention to. The pandemic has definitely changed the life and how everything works. If there were children that struggled with their social skills before the pandemic, now is more common to see this traits in them . Being said, It makes me happy to help children and teenagers to have a safe place to build their confidence up and get to interact with other people of their ages. Be witness of them becoming their best version and leaving a comfort zone is one of the things that make me passionate to be a coach.”

By Alejandra Hernandez

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