Who Are the Defending Champions?

Wimbledon has different categories to cater to different players. There are gentlemen’s and ladies’ single competitions made up of 128 players, men’s and women’s doubles with 64 teams, mixed doubles of 48 teams, and even a men’s and women’s wheelchair tournament. Overall, an order of play will be made every day, and the grass courts of Wimbledon will witness 19 championship matches.

For men’s singles at Wimbledon 2022, the defending champion is Novak Djokovic, a Serbian player who holds four consecutive Wimbledon and 21 Grand Slam titles. Kazakhstani Elena Rybakina became her nation’s first player to win a Grand Slam for women’s singles.

Since there are multiple categories in Wimbledon, you’d have endless matches to look forward to – making this sport a fun and enjoyable activity for those in the bleachers or those watching the stream.

Where Will It Be Held?

Wimbledon 2023 will be held at Church Road, Southwest London, at the All-England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Here, you can find 18 championship courts and the famous show courts: the Center Court, where a historic and all-important finals match will take place, and the No. 1 and No. 2 Courts, where other significant games will take place.

What is middle Sunday at Wimbledon?

In all its history, Middle Sunday has always been part of the Wimbledon tradition as it’s a whole day of rest to allow the grass courts to recover from all the game matches. However, a new tradition was set in 2022 when the tournament organizers announced that Middle Sunday is no longer a day to pause without any play.

How Can I Secure Tickets?

If you want to witness the game for yourself personally, you’d have to be extra early for the queue of the on-the-day ticket sales this July 2023. You can even purchase a seat for the Center Court, No 1, and No 2 Court, although seats here will be limited. If you’re going with your friends, be sure to all line up since it’s strictly on a one-ticket-per-person basis.

Are there any changes this season?

Aside from the new Middle Sunday tradition, Wimbledon 2023 will also see a change in the men’s doubles category. A new best-of-three sets format was placed here rather than the old best-of-five sets until 2022. Wimbledon was the only remaining tournament to play a five-set form; however, this change will place this grass court tournament on the same set format as the other Grand Slams, such as the Australian Open, French Open, and US Open.

Additionally, Wimbledon has been famous for its all-white dress code, where both men and women players are required to wear all-white outfits (including undergarments). However, this rule was changed in consideration of female players, as white underwear was causing anxiety, especially during menstrual cycles. Although it took a while, Wimbledon 2023 will allow any-colored undergarment to prioritize the needs of players and women’s health.

Final Thoughts

Although there are still a few more months until the official game starts in July, preparing yourself for the fun games by knowing the defending champions and Wimbledon’s history is always best. Likewise, it’s optimal to be updated with any changes made before the big game. By doing so, you equip yourself with enough past and present info to enjoy future matches!

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